Bodoband Signal Bands

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Bodoband Signal Bands

Bodoband, the original German No. 1 signal bands were developed during a two year trial period and have proven their worth on may occasions.

The original Bodoband is offered in widths of 35 and 50 mm.

The bands come in neon red with a reflective strip, that can be seen for several hundred feet in the headlights of a vehicle.

They are very durable, skin-friendly, breathable, seawater proof and machine washable up to 40 degrees.

The band can also be written on in permanent pen.

The band will stretch by a third which ensures that the dog will not lose the band. However in an emergency the elastic will allow it to come over the head of the dog, which prevents hang-ups.

It is important that the tape fits perfectly, up to one finger width between the neck and band.

The Bodoband Signal Bands are made in various neck sizes with 2 cm increments, ranging from 28 cm to 55 cm. This band can also be used as an armband or hat band.