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Hunter Dummy Vest

After a day full of training or shooting a fully loaded with dummies or game, your back can be exposed to a lot of stress. To make these days more enjoyable, this dummy vest is designed with a built in, adjustable, easy clip waist belt that helps to distribute the weight of the dummies over your hips and relieve the pressure from your back. The wide shoulder straps also mean that they do not cut into your shoulders.

The Dummy vest is handmade of high quality material. There is the large pocket at the back of the vest for around 8-10 dummies. There are two large front pockets which have enough room to contain training equipment. They also have zipper pockets in the front pockets. On the left shoulder strap there is another small pocket and on the right shoulder there is a loop which you can clip things onto.

We sell these dummy vests in every size from XS to XXL.

These vests are available in: Brown Canvas, Khaki Canvas, Brown Nylon and  Dark Green Nylon(Please note the Dark green vest looks more green than the picture)


WERE 70.00 NOW £59.50