Mystique Dummy Standard Long 1000g

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Mystique® dummy „Standard“ 1000 g is particularly intended for hunting breeds of dogs to help them to get used to fetching larger and heavier game that simultaneously contributes to strengthening of dog´s neck muscles and the right grip – necessary preconditions for real hunting.

The dummy is made of a sufficiently strong and durable canvas resistant to damage. An ergonomic plastic toggle enables you to throw it to longer distances in a more comfortable way. A special filling enables the dummy to swim and thus it is suitable for training not only on land, but also in water. Its oval shape helps your dog to the right grip. The dummy can be flavoured with various scents. It is intended for dogs over 10 months of age.

Our dummies are specially designed for the gundog training. Basic requirement for training is a so-called soft mouth, which prevents the game or the dummy damaged by too firm bite, and therefore is unusable. The dummies are not suitable for tugging.


• suitable for daily training

• preparation for real hunting
• high quality•strong and durable canvas
• ergonomic plastic toggle
• usability either on land or in water
• possibility to flavour it with scents
• for dogs over 10 months of age

Colours: green, orange
Dimensions: length ca. 33 cm, ø ca. 8,5 cm
Weight: 1000 g