Scarab Safety Light

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Scarab Trio Safety Light

This is a high quality rechargeable flashing safety beacon, ideal for conscientious dog owners.  Scarab ensures all-round visibility for total safety.

It has been designed for dog safety, on and off the lead.  It offers a range of features to suit each safety need;

- 3 colour adjustable settings; red, yellow and green

- Adjustable colour intensity - can be increased or decreased.  On full, Scarab can be seen for over 4km 

- Waterproof

The scarab is really easy to fit to any collar or harness without causing discomfort, either directly or using the Uni-strap attacher supplied with each Scarab. A small twist of the lens switches it on and off. and it also has a grip design on the lens allowing you to operate the beacon wearing gloves.  It comes with an armband for human usage as well.