Dog First Aid Kit

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Dog First Aid Kit

Dog first aid kits are an essential piece of equipment when going on hunts, activities and outings. Accidents and emergencies can happen at any point, especially when visiting heavily wooded areas, where hunts tend to take place. Whether it be a minor cut, an issue with the eye, a sting or a more serious condition, having a well-stocked dog first aid kit can ensure you are prepared to handle all emergencies, providing immediate care to your gundog when needed.

Contents of Dog First Aid Kits

Items include sterile dressings, which are crucial for covering wounds to prevent infection, and absorbent wound pads, which absorb excess fluid. Bandages, gauze swabs, and alcohol wipes that are used to clean wounds before dressing. Saline wipes for eyes, and tick removers which are vital to prevent the transmission of tick-borne diseases are just a few of the items included in a dog first aid kit. Having everything you need in one place means you can act swiftly on the injury, making items easily accessible in alarming situations to let you focus on assessing your gundog to determine whether further treatment is needed.


First Aid Kits at Muntjac Trading

First aid kits at Muntjac Trading are available as a mini kit, which includes 24 essential items that can be used for multiple injuries, or we also stock a more premium dog first aid kit that contains 50 items that cover everything from a small graze to more severe conditions. Both kits are complete in a water-resistant bag with an attachment strap if needed.

Investing in one of our kits is a small yet invaluable product that ensures the well-being of your gundog during training or on a hunt.

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