Brand Ambassadors

Muntjac Trading support and work with some of the industry's leading gundog trainers and handlers.  

We would love to introduce some of our new brand ambassadors for Muntjac Trading;

Lianne Vine - Countrylife and Labradors

owner with gundogs
owner training gundog
Lianne is a full time mum of 4 boys. She currently has 3 Labradors called Marley, Digby and Harvey. 
Lianne started taking an interest in gundog training about 4 years ago when she met Anthony Sweatman a gundog trainer. She attended a few shoot days and tests with him and in the summer of 2018, Anthony bred a litter of puppies. He gave Lianne the opportunity to choose one from the litter to train and from then on Anthony let Lianne train Harvey.   Anthony would be very proud to know that Lianne continues to go out every day with Harvey (although he is fully trained now) and also a brand ambassador for Muntjac Trading!! 
Lianne also takes amazing photos and she has already provided us with so many great photos of the Muntjac dummies and products in action on Instagram and Facebook and a lot of her photos are on our website.  We are looking forward to working alongside Lianne and her dogs!



Jack Garner - Kingston Gundogs

male owner with gundog
Jack is 15 years old, he has 2 spaniels called Teal and Widgeon.  Teal is 3 and  Widgeon is 7 months old and are mother and daughter. Teal loves picking up and retrieving runners and Widgeon is bright, steady and honest.  Jack loves picking up on a couple of different shoots,  He has trained both his pups and he is hoping to enter some field trials in the future.  He is currently helping his dad to train his new Labrador and recently joined Westward Gundog Training Society.  We are looking forward to working alongside Jack and seeing his journey with his dogs.