Gallery: Gundogs & Gundog Gear


What better way to show the best of our gundog accessories and training equipment, than a gallery of our customers' gundogs in outdoor action!
See how your gundog could enjoy its training with our quality product range.
Thanks to all our customers who have sent these lovely photos to be used on our website. If you'd also like to add photos of your gundog in training to our website, contact us here.
This is the lovely Maisie, she is a English Springer Spaniel. She is a working gundog in training and also a loving pet. Thank you to her wonderful owner Kerrie @maisiethespringer_ 


These gorgeous labradors are Marley and Harvey. Lianne is a keen photographer and takes amazing photos as you can see! Thank you Lianne. Instagram: countrylife_and_labradors_ 


This is the lovely Bonnie who is very photogenic  Her owner takes lots of wonderful photos; thank you! @bonniesprocker 


Ealah Gundogs and Photography sent us this wonderful photo of Barley, Wolf and Sula holding our Mystique dummies. Thank you.


This is the lovely Ru with our flying duck dummy.  Thank you to Elena for sending us lots of videos and photos of our products in action with her dogs Ru and Flo. @flowerstorieswithrufus 


This is the lovely Taffi.  Thank you to her owner @pepperandtaffi for these lovely photos.


This cute puppy is called Ernie and his owner is a pet photographer: @finntedandernie . Thank you.


Brookquarry Gundogs have send us some amazing photos of their dogs.  Thank you @brookquarry_gundogs