About Us: For The Love of Gundogs!

Gundog Gear 

Muntjac Trading were born out of sheer frustration with the lack of quality Gundog Gear and Training Equipment available on the market for general purchase. The high-cost pricing for professional working dog equipment that the deer-tracking dog enthusiast in the U.K had to contend with was not impressive along with the long courier process times.
With the exception of one well-known supplier, the choice of gundog training equipment and deer tracking products have previously been very limited and the prices quoted in the sporting press have been somewhat 'enthusiastic'.
Kit, the founder and owner of Muntjac Trading. A lifelong Gundog enthusiast and expert founded Muntjac Trading based on the lack of top quality, affordable products available. Kit holds extensive knowledge on both products and training and will only sell products he would be happy to use himself.

--Gundog Training Equipment 

Since our inception, we have expanded our range from deer dog equipment, to include top-quality Gundog training equipment, as our dogs are not only deer dogs but picking-up dogs with extensive training and the ability to aid their owner on the hunt. We hope that our extensive range of Gundog training equipment and working dog leads, acme whistles, dummies, dummy bags, jackets and collars will continue to grow as our company grows with it. 

View the full range here where our products are often extended!

Throughout the year Muntjac Trading attend many Game Fairs and Country Shows. This is where you can view products before you buy or if you simply require more information or advice on Gundog training and any of the products. Pop along, we'd love to meet you.
We are also now the sole supplier in the UK of the high-quality Mystique Gundog Gear, and will be expanding our website to include all of their products available for both delivery or collection. In the meantime, you can check them out at www.mystique-dummy.sk
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Our Vision For Gundog Training

Muntjac Trading are aiming to provide a varied, affordable choice of gundog training equipment and will endeavour to trial all gundog products that we sell. Our range at this time is constrained only by time in which to trial the equipment, or have it recommended to us by trusted sources. We only sell quality and genuine gundog gear and accessories, manufactured by the original designers.

Feedback from you as customers is essential. Beginners, stalkers, and fellow Gundog enthusiasts' feedback enables Muntjac Trading to source and supply what is needed for use in this country. Cant find a product you are looking for - Let us know!
We are also here to help so please do not hesitate to CONTACT US for your gundog gear and training equipment.


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