Training Your Gun Dog This Summer

Training Your Gun Dog This Summer

The summer is out of peak hunting season and some gun dogs may think they can relax, but this is not the case. The summer season is the best time to train your gun dog!

Training can be difficult for new dogs in the hunting trade, but for experienced gun dogs, this is an opportunity to perfect their already well trained traits.

Summer Season Training

During the summer season, it can be difficult to keep your gun dog in the ideal hunting shape. We have put together some tips on how you can work with your dog throughout the summer season to keep them in the hunting mindset, ready for the new shooting season to begin.

Their energy reserve is vital during a shooting session; the last thing you would want is to have your dog collapse in the field during a shooting. It is important therefore to ensure that there is a high protein level in their food as you begin to approach a new shooting season. Throughout the summer, you can reduce these levels, but increase the closer you get to the end of the summer season.

Walks are important for every dog, but for gun dogs, it is important to keep them fit and healthy through longer daily walks on rougher terrains. Throughout the summer, it is key to gradually increase the length of their daily walks to make sure they can manage well on long hunts. Walks on harder terrains helps toughen their paw padding. During these outdoor walks, it is also important to work on their heel commands. Ensuring your dog knows when to stay by you and what to concentrate on means they are less likely to wonder off during a hunt.

You are the provider of all good things for your pet! Making sure they know this helps reduce the likelihood of them running off during a hunt. Heel training and giving them a treat when they have done something right is important to aiding this belief in them and their relationship with your as their owner.

During a hunt, a gun dog’s scent training is highly important. They must be able to sniff out their prey and know how to do this well. You can help train your gun dog in this over the summer season through simple scent exercises. With their eyes covered, rub a dummy in the grass. Hide it before sending them off the sniff it out. Drop it at your feet to train them to come back to you for their reward.

Muntjac Training Tools and Accessories

Muntjac offer a range of tools and accessories for helping train your gun dog this summer. Below are just a few options from our range:

Gundog Water Dummies

  • Ideal for water based and dry land training

Gundog Training Scents

  • Game bird scents to aid in scent training during summer season

Waxed Game Bags and Vests

  • Ideal for carrying training equipment around during training session

Gundog Training Books

  • Ideal reads for beginners and enthusiasts


Gundog Whistles and Lanyards

  • Perfect for helping during summer season training

Dummy Launchers/ Launcher Dummies

  • Ideal for training your gun dog in hunting and handling their prey

Gundog Leads

Gundog Dummies

- Available in a variety of sizes to suit all gun dogs in training

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