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Are you looking to train your gun dog to be a skilled and reliable companion in the field? You've come to the right place! Muntjac Trading is a one-stop destination for high-quality gun dog training equipment. We offer a wide range of gear specifically designed to enhance your gun dog's training experience and maximize their performance in hunting scenarios.

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  • Gun Dog Training Tools

Explore our extensive selection of dog training equipment and accessories tailored for gun dogs. From dummy launchers and retriever dummies to training whistles, leads , and picking up equipment, we have everything you need to teach your gun dog essential skills and commands.

  • Gun Dog Retrieval:

Discover specialized equipment to enhance your gun dog's retrieving abilities. Browse through our assortment of training scents, and decoys, all designed to simulate realistic hunting situations and improve your dog's marking and retrieving skills.

  • Gun Dog Training Collars:

We understand the importance of effective communication with your gun dog. That's why we offer a range of training collars with adjustable settings to suit your dog's training needs. These collars can help reinforce commands and promote better obedience in the field.

  • Hunting Dog Safety:

Safety is paramount when training gun dogs. Muntjac Trading stock safety equipment such as reflective collars, signal bands, safety lights and visibility accessories to ensure your dog remains visible and protected during hunting expeditions.

  • Gun Dog Training Resources:

Enhance your gun dog training skills with our collection of informative resources. Access a variety of training guidebooks that cover various aspects of gun dog training, including obedience, scent work, field commands, and more. Stay informed and elevate your training techniques to achieve better results.

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  • Ordering and Support:

Muntjac Trading provides a user-friendly ordering system when purchasing gun dog training equipment, allowing you to easily select and purchase the equipment you need. Shipped from the UK with an extremely fast turnaround.

At Muntjac Trading we share your passion for gun dog training and understand the unique needs of both trainers and their canine partners. We offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality equipment and resources to ensure your gun dog is prepared for any hunting challenge.

Equip your gun dog for success!

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