Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher and Large Game Bag

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DT Systems Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher

The D.T. Systems Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher is the most technologically advanced Dummy Launcher on the market today.

Through extensive field research, with feedback from top retriever Pro-Trainers and working retriever owners all around the country, D.T. Systems has created a remote training aid that makes gun dog training easier and more productive. This will result in a more well rounded working dog in the field, on hunt tests, and in trials.

This is an incredible piece of equipment for any trainer, the remote can be programmed with up to 16 launchers and can be used from 1100 yards away. There is also a very loud locator beeper to prevent you losing any launchers in the long grass.If you are lucky enough to own the handheld launcher this can be fitted to a Super pro,thus saving the cost of the actual launcher itself.

Muntjac Trading has put the super pro remote dummy launcher through our own extreme testing. This has meant that a Super Pro Dummy launcher has been lent to Bobp of Scurry Bandits fame and can be viewed at any of the Living heritage Country fairs.We are happy to report that the launcher is still in one piece so has passed the test

As a picker up myself I have found it invaluable as the dummy can be fired back at oneself with the dummy passing over the handler and dogs thus simulating birds on a driven day.For those that want the long retrieve the Super Pro can be placed forward of the handler and dogs and with even low power blanks deliver 150 yard plus retrieves

The Super Pro Dummy Launcher can be folded away and easily carried in one of our large Game Bags. The 2 front pockets can easily accomodate a dummy and the reciever, while the small side pocket can fit the remote, so that it packs away neatly into the bag.