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Dog Slip Lead

Dog Slip Lead

Muntjac Trading, based in the UK are a Gundog gear specialist that stocks and supplies all gundog training equipment and top brands in the market. Having experienced many years in the industry and born from the sheer frustration of the lack of Gundog equipment available on the market, Muntjac Trading decided to change this and is now the sole supplier in the Uk of the Mystique gundog equipment range. Along with many other brands, all of which have been tried and tested by ourselves, we will only sell top-quality gundog equipment and accessories.

Products available are varied and whether you are a novice at gundog training or an expert in the field we have every product to meet your needs. Books and guides are also stocked to expand your knowledge if need be. 

Our product range available to purchase varies from Gundog Dummies, Game Bags, Whistles, Lanyards, Launchers, Dummies, safety equipment and leads. A top seller for Muntjac Trading is the gundog leads on offer. Dog slip leads in particular are becoming increasingly popular due to the flexibility of the product.

What is a Dog Slip Lead? 

A dog slip lead is a highly productive product when attempting to train your gun dog to walk at a steady pace beside you, it is easily positioned by simply passing your dog’s head through the loop. This will then stay slack when the lead is slack. Tension will only be applied if the gun dog starts to tug resulting in the lead being pulled. This method trains gundogs to stay calm when on the lead and walk heel-to-toe with their owner at all times.

How flexible are Dog Slip Leads?

When extra flexibility is required, the Jaeger dog slip lead that is stocked at Muntjac Trading is a round-the-body dog slip lead that is highly recommended for those who have multiple dogs or children. This hands-free lead gives the versatility of achieving many tasks at once without the risk of letting go or dropping the lead. The D ring and stopper mean this type of dog slip lead can be used for any size and age, providing the weight of the person is heavier than the weight of the dog.

This product is highly recommended by dog trainer Stephen Bulled.

For more information on any of the products mentioned above please feel free to contact one of the team.