Gun Dog Training

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Gun Dog Training

What Is A Gun Dog?

A gun dog is a specific breed of dog that is trained solely for hunting. Hunting dogs are divided into three primary categories, retrievers, flushing dogs and pointing breeds, all trained to individual requirements.

A gun dog retriever is a type of hunting dog that is trained to find and retrieve game and bring back to the hunter without causing damage to the prey. A retriever is typically silent in their actions and does not cause any disturbance or noise.

Pointing Dog, also known as Setters cover a large area and will often direct the hunter to where the bird has fallen once shot. A pointing dog begins its hunt from the furthest point away working its way closer to the hunter, when the prey is detected the dog will freeze and sit in the same position until the hunter sends in a flushing dog.

Flushing dogs work more closely with the hunter and are used for prey that runs from the hunter or fallen to the ground. They do not cover a large amount of ground area as are kept within shotgun distance of its hunter. It will assist its hunter in the retrieval of the prey.

Gun Dog Training

All gun dog training needs to be researched at length to achieve the best outcome and commences when the puppy is around eight months old for an energetic puppy or one year old for a timid dog due to the sounds of gunfire. Gun dog training is not something that is achieved in a short space of time and typically takes around two years, given this is carried out every day. Time and effort are required to get your gun dog training to perfection.

Gun dogs are not recommended to be family pets, especially living in a home with children. This is due to their independence and hunting instincts. They can become destructive and will need constant attention. A Gun Dog is better suited to a single occupancy home or where there are no children present.

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