Treat Bags For Dogs

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Treat Bags For Dogs

When exploring outdoors with any breed of dog it is always beneficial to have both hands free, especially during training sessions where there is the inconvenience of having to carry treats and multiple items. Treat Bags for dogs offer a solution where all items can be stored in one place and either be attached to your belt, coat, trouser hook, or over your wrist.

Treat bags are small enough that they won’t become a nuisance but still large enough to carry everything you need when training your gun dog.

Muntjac Trading Treat Bags

Muntjac trading, the sole supplier of Mystique across the UK, stocks a variety of treat bags for dogs in many different colours. Having been in the gun dog sport for many years we have tested countless amount of items and only sell top quality and genuine gundog gear. The range of treat bags stocked at Muntjac Trading are designed with tougher material than your standard dog treat bags and are made in the same material as the dummy bags, giving that extra longevity for your outdoor walks. These can be purchased in single or double colours depending on your choice. An extendable strap is also available, which creates multiple ways to carry.

The treat bag design is large enough to hold a bottle of water and has two pockets for the separation of items. Muntjacs’ design consists of a main section with a toggle opening that can be loosened or tightened to protect items from dropping out, along with a small side pocket big enough to store your poo bags with easy access. There is also a loop design on the side of all treat bags for the use of clips, belts and hooks.

View the Range Here or Contact Muntjac Trading for more information, where we will be happy to help!