Gundog Collars

Do Gundogs need to wear collars

Since 2016 when having your puppy microchipped became a legal requirement some people use collars less and less when out in public with their dogs. However, since 1992 under the Control of Dogs order in the UK dogs must wear a collar and identity tag in public places. You can be fined if you do not meet these requirements. Gun dogs are only allowed to go collarless when they are working, if you are training your gun dog or just taking them on a walk it is a legal requirement that they need to be wearing a collar with the name and the address of the owner. The reason as to why gun dogs are exempt from the law (whilst working) is, so it reduces the risk of them getting caught or hung when they are in the middle of different terrains or trying to jump fencing. Many owners prefer for their gundog to be wearing a collar which is why there are gundog collars which are specifically designed for the working gundog. They are designed to be practical, durable, robust, light weight and comfortable.

gundog during training sitting tall with gundog collar presented

Types of Gundog Collars

There are many types of gundog collars available each designed for a different purpose. Here at muntjac we offer traditional gundog collars, slip head collar, choke chain, healing collar, leather collars, tracking collar, choke collar, tracking collar, collar shoulder lead, signal collar. Each collar has its own characteristics and benefits.  Slip head collars and Choke chain collars are designed to make the dog feel a slight bit of discomfort to stop them from pulling whilst on the lead.  Very similar to the signal collar these are used to discourage and ultimately prevent bad behaviour within the dog. The signal will come in form of a vibration or a beep. Visit the website today to see all of our gundog collars by clicking here.

gundog fitted leather collar

Getting the right fit for your Gundog

A hunting gundog collar has become an essential tool in both the training of the gun dog and whilst working. To get the most out of your collar for your gundog you need to assess what the main purpose of your gundog’s collar is and where/when they will be using it. It is imperative you get the right fit and style collar for your gundog. The gundog collar will make or break your dog’s hunting experience/training program. A lot of gundog collars are adjustable, but we would suggest measuring the diameter of your dog’s neck so you can assess whether the collar is a good fit for your dog or not.

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