The Essential Gundog Training Apron / Skirt:

Gundog Training Apron / Skirt:  

A Companion for Gundog Training 

Gundog training is a rewarding journey that requires patience, consistency, and the right tools. One such tool that often goes overlooked but can make a significant difference in your training sessions is the dog training apron/skirt. This unassuming accessory can help you stay organised, keep treats and training aids within easy reach, and protect your clothing from slobber and dirt.

gundog training apron / skirt

Features of a Dog Training Apron: 

  1. Pockets Galore: One of the primary features of a dog training apron or skirt is the abundance of pockets. These pockets come in various shapes and sizes, designed to hold treats, dummies, toys, clickers, and other training essentials. Having everything you need at your fingertips makes training more efficient and enjoyable.
  2. Easy Cleanup: Many dog training aprons are made from durable, easy-to-clean materials such as polyester. This ensures that any dirt or slobber your gundog may share during training can be wiped away effortlessly.
  3. Adjustable Straps: Comfort is key, during long gundog training sessions. Look for an apron with adjustable straps so you can customise the fit to your body, ensuring it stays securely in place while you work with your gundog. Gundog skirts are lightweight and stay in place for the majority of the time for which you need them.
  4. D-Rings and Clips: Some aprons and skirts come equipped with D-rings and clips for attaching leashes or other training tools. This feature can be particularly beneficial for hands-free training activities.

Benefits of Using a Dog Training Apron / Skirt: 

There are multiple benefits to using a gundog training apron. With everything you need in your apron pockets and at easy reach you won't have to constantly reach into your training bag or trouser pockets, saving you time and making it easier to find what you need for your gundog training without fumbling around, keeping your dog engaged.

Choosing the Right Dog Training Apron:

Choosing the correct dog training apron is an essential part of gundog training, this can enhance your training sessions by keeping you organised. Think about what you'll be using the apron for. If you need to carry a lot of treats, game, dummies or toys, choose one with ample pocket space. If you're often outdoors, opt for a water-resistant material.

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