Specialist Gun Dog Leads for All Occasions

High-Quality Specialist Gun Dog Leads.

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Leads for All Occasions

Your dog’s lead is an essential accessory and training tool for a working gun dog. At Muntjac Trading we supply a wide variety of leads to suit all of your daily and hunting needs. We pride ourselves in only providing products of the best quality that we can guarantee will serve you for a long time.

Our leads come in a range of the finest materials, from moose and cow leather, to biothane, nylon, and braided rope. Our specialist gun dog leads are designed to be comfortable, robust, durable, quiet to use, and attractive as well.


A Whole Range of Designs

At Muntjac trading, our specialist gun dog leads can be purchased in a range of different colours. When you want a fashionable everyday lead, they come in colours of pinks, lilacs, wine reds, light blues, and multicoloured leads, to name a few. When you need a lead that can conceal your dog, we offer leads in khaki and light greens, olive, browns, blacks, and greys. If you ever need a lead that will help your dog stand out, we offer a range of neon-coloured leads in pinks, oranges, yellows, and greens. So, you can easily identify your gun dog from a distance.

Your gun dog can easily stand out from the crowd, or blend into the countryside around you with a specialist Muntjac Trading lead.


We have a Lead for Every Situation

Our specialist gun dog leads are available to suit any hunting situation, or lifestyle functions that you could need.

Our specialist leads include:

  • Hands free leads. This lead allows you to free up your hands whilst you are walking or training your dog. These are perfect for a gun dog on the go, or parents with push chairs. They come in either clip-around waist leads, or over the shoulder leads. Explore our range here.
  • Multiple Dog Leads. We also offer leads for walking or handling 2 to 3 dogs to save constant crossing and tangling of your leads. These come with a swivel clip to ensure your dogs have the most freedom of movement whilst remaining restrained. Explore our range here.
  • Couple Leads. These specialist leads are designed so the lead clips to one dog but has 2 hand loops for two people. Explore our range here.
  • Slip Leads. These are specialist gun dog leads that are designed to incorporate both collar and lead into one. They are made of braided rope, which is kind to your hands, light, durable and most importantly, washable. They also come with a rubber stopper to adjust the size of the ‘collar’ section of your lead. Explore our range here.
  • Tracking Lines. This is a style of lead that is ideal for training your gun dog to track deer. They offer you an immense length of line to keep track of your dog whilst allowing them the space to track or play. These specialist dog leads are also excellent for various dog sports, hobbies, and leisure time. Explore our range here.
  • Silent Hunting Leash. We also offer the very specialist moxon leash for gun dogs. The silent hunting leashes are mainly used for gun dog tests, working tests, field trials, but are also convenient for general walking too. Silent hunting leases come with a special hornstop to better prevent the leash from choking your dog. As these come with no metal parts, they are perfect for hunting as there is nothing to make sounds that would disturb your hunt. Explore this specialist range here.

No matter what function you need it for, Muntjac Trading has the specialist gun dog leads for you!