210 Acme Gun Dog Whistle

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210 Acme Gun Dog Whistle

An ACME 210 whistle (or which ever pitch whistle you choose), is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will buy for your gundog. The great advantage of a whistle is that the tone that your dog responds is constant. This applies even when you blow it when you are boiling mad with the fact that Fido has totally disregarded your commands.

There is a wide range of Whistles within the popular ACME range, always make sure that you stick with the same number whistle throughout your dog’s lifetime.

The Acme 210 whistle is an easy blowing, high tone dog whistle. The whistle is fitted with a solid, waterproof pearl which gives the whistle a trill for those who want a distinctive and different sound. The pearl causes the frequency to fluctuate by 750 Hertz.

There are two colours available in the ACME 210 whistle range, these are Black or Orange.