Braided Slip 'Head Collar' Lead

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Braided Slip 'Head Collar' Lead

A slip halter is perfect to control and train a dog that pulls on the lead, but is also an excellent lightweight dog lead for all occasions. Very good for training your puppy.  Quick and easy to use and perfect to control and train a dog that pulls.

It is available in 8mm diameter, 2m length with a rubber stop in a variety of colours including; Brown, Red, Blue, Black/Rainbow and many more

Instructions for use; - Put the lead on the dogs head as normal, grasp any surplus amount of lead (holding it in front of the dog) with your knuckles up, then turn your knuckles over so facing down which creates a loop in the lead.  Put the smaller bit of the loop over the dogs nose.  Make sure it is loose enough by being able to fit your little finger under the muzzle so its firm but not tight. 

Please phone Kit on following number if you require any more assistance putting it on your dog; 01527870906