Gun Dog Traditional Dummies, All Sizes

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Gundog Traditional Dummies

They are made in Britain using only the safest and toughest materials available. They are filled with sand and sawdust filling, the toggle on the end is useful for extending the range at which you can throw the dummy.

Canvas Gundog dummies are the most traditional and popular form of training a gundog to retrieve game.

Our dummies are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from the puppy size 1/2lb all the way up to the 2lb for dogs picking up heavier game.

The  Dummies also come in a few different colours, the standard orange and green, as well as the new, yet very popular yellow. The 1/2lb puppy canvas gundog dummies are also available in 1/2 colours so that there is a different colour each side.

When starting training we would recommend that you use a green dummy as this is easier for a young dog to see. Once the dog has grown confident with this, you can progress to orange and the mixed colour dummies as the pupil needs more testing.

The throwing toggles can be removed to prevent toggle retrieving.

The 3/4lb is a nice intermediate dummy as it has the same width as the 1lb but is shorter and therefore lighter, so is very useful for training a younger dog so that it will not be daunted by the size of the dummy.