WAXED Mystique Light Dummy Vest "Trainer" (Canvas Back)

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The Mystique® Light Dummy Vest "Trainer" (Canvas Back)

After a day full of training or shooting a fully loaded with dummies or game, your back can be exposed to a lot of stress. To make these days more enjoyable, this light dummy vest is designed with a built in adjustable waist belt that distributes weight equally over your hips. The vest's unique design also prevents the straps from cutting into your shoulders when the bag is filled.

The Light dummy vest is handmade using high quality fabrics. This means that is hard wearing and very ideal for dog trainer who use their vests all the time.

The vest consists of the back as a large pocket which fits about 8 dummies in. It is an ideal dummy vest for training your gundogs during the summer, as it is lighter than the hunter/profi dummy vests.

It has two large front pockets with enough room for training equipment such as leads, whistles and even your phone.

NEW WAXED EDITION: We now sell the light dummy vest in a waxed cotton fabric.  This fabric was originally used in the Navy to sail for wind-powered boat, later they found the use of uniforms, military tents and bags. Waxed cotton is a unique high-quality fabric. It is breathable while providing protection from wind and water. It is natural product with a specific appearance, finely satin finish, distinctive smell and it is incredibly pleasant to the touch.
• brush off any dirt or grit
• sponge down with cold water
• do not use soap, detergents
• do not machine wash, do not dry clean, do not Iron, do not tumble

Available in Small, Medium and Large in Brown Waxed and Sahara Waxed

Sizing:                                                                                                                 Small: 40-42                                                                                            Medium:46-48                                                                                                    Large: 52-54