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Acme have developed these over 4 years in collaboration with World Champion Trainers to create an unrivalled whistle.  Patented sound chambers offer more efficient use of air.  This means a brighter sound giving you better command and a more responsive dog, close to and over distance. 

These all new designs are effortless to blow and, because of that, give you greatest flexibility to vary your breath, your whistling style and your choice of commands.

The all over comfort grip offers softness in the mouth and prefect handling in all conditions.

Over the field and hills, on the beach, in your local park or at home this new range will ensure you LEAD YOUR PACK

We are honoured to be one of the first distributors in the UK and they will be available both online and at Game Fairs. 

Available in 10 colours; Black, Baltic Blue, Black on Day Glow Orange, Carmine Red, DG Pink, Forest Green, Magenta, Purple, Turquoise, and Violet

5 NEW COLOURS WERE RELEASED AT THE GAME FAIR JULY 2023; Black on Day Glow Green, Black on Day Glow Pink, Baby Blue on Yellow, Lime Green and Baby Blue 

This pitch is preferred by Labrador and retriever owners.