Soft Mouth Water Dummies (DT Systems)

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Soft Mouth Water Dummies (DT Systems)

When retrieving or picking up a Soft Mouth Water Dummy your dog does not have to bite down hard like they would with standard plastic dummies. These dummies are made with pliable plastic materials which give them a soft, supple feel of a real bird's body.

With the exclusive, non-slip, "SGrip" Technology design, the dog's eye teeth will lock firmly into the curves of the dummy's patterns. This design prevents slipping when your dog retrieves the dummy. The Soft Mouth Water Dummy will help you, train your gundog, to use a softer, gentler grip.

The Soft Mouth Water Dummy also has a specially designed pressure valve system. By using the needle style valve you can quickly and easily let air pressure in or out. This gives you control to make the dummy harder, softer or to flatten the middle for more customized training. It has been extensively tested so that the valve system will not allow water leakage.

Summary Points Include:

  • "SGrip" technology for easier gripping and holding
  • Softer, more pliable plastic gives the feeling of a real bird's body when retrieving
  • Trains your dog to naturally hold with a gentler grip
  • Adjustable pressure valve system to make the dummy softer or firmer for customized training
  • Excellent for water training or field use
  • Versatile, durable and long lasting

The Soft Mouth Water Dummy is available in large or small.

The Dummy is available in a variety of colours including: Orange, Green, White, Black/White and Yellow.

The small and large orange, white and black/white dummies come with a throw cord.

The Yellow and green ones do not come with a throw; so please order separately if you need them. 

The green large dummy is the only dummy that comes with the needle to adjust the air pressure (but you can use any needle)