Mystique® Dummy bag profi "Junior"

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Mystique® "Dummy bag profi" "Junior"  is compact bag with a front net and many additional pockets. Bag was designed for training with smaller dogs and at the same for kids and teenegers in 7-14 years.

The biggest advantage of this bag is its compactness. If you use during your training mainly 250g and smaller dummies, you don´t  need to take big bag with you. You can put there 8 pieces of Mystique®  250g Dummy or 5 pieces of Mystique®  500g Dummy.

Profi trainers prefer dummy bag with net in front mainly during water training, so they don´t need to take wet dummies into bag. With this bag you have your training accessories always immediately available to use. Thanks to special material it is possible to care wet and also dirty dummies and game. Adjustable shoulder strap. Very simple maintenance – wash dirty places only with wet sheet.

Size: Junior

Dimensions: 260 x 280 x 100 mm (width x height x deepth)