Mystique® Prey Dummy (Treat Dummy) with Speedy Strap

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Mystique® Prey Dummy / Treat Dummy with Speedy Strap


Mystique® Prey dummy "Snack" Speedy is similar to the standard dummy and thanks to the handle made of belt you can achieve much longer distances. They are intended especially for puppies or larger inexperienced dogs to learn them to retrieve the dummy in a playful and positive way. Due to the reward given to your dog immediately after retrieving the dummy, the dog builds a closer relationship with its handler and makes a success faster. Due to the easily washable internal side and a preserved easy-to-open zip, this dummy can be filled with every kind of snacks.

The dummy is made of strong and durable nylon material and the animal scents can also be used to attract the dog´s attention even more effectively.

Available in Khaki, Blue, Neon Green and Pink

Dimensions: 18cm x 5,5cm. Weight: 50g