Mystique® Rabbit Dog Dummy

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Mystique® Rabbit Dog Dummy was developed for use as a preparation for retrieving a real game(rabbit). The special body imitates a real rabbit, which ensures experience training like in real hunting conditions. Due to it´s shape, special filling and material, the dummy can be easily grabbed and held in the dog´s mouth. Dummy is suitable for owners of hunting dogs, who do not have opportunity to train or experience real hunting conditions with a real game. Special throwing rope enables you to easily throw the dummy and you can comfortably hold the dummy by your side. The dummy is recommended for beginners and also for pro trainers or hunters. Using this dummy, you build self-confidence in your dog before you start to train with heavier dummies or game.  

Available in small and large and with or without the fur cover.

The advantage of the dummy with the fur cover is that you have got a 2 in 1 Rabbit Dog Dummy together with fur cover, which you can easily remove and start training in the beginning without fur cover and continuously teach your dog to hold the dummy also with fur cover. Partial fur hair loss or parts of the fur may occur because the product is mechanically manipulated. This error is no reason for complaint.

The dummies can be applied with scents which makes the training or preparation more realistic.

Colours: khaki
Weight Approx: (S) 700g, (L) 1300g; (+-3%)
Length: (S) ca. 44cm, (L) ca. 50cm
Sizes: small, large