Traditional Leather Tracking Collars

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Traditional Leather Tracking Collars

These AKAH traditional Leather Tracking Collars are hand-stitched and have an extra strong brass swivel fitting. The middle section of the collar is reinforced with leather to make it stronger.

These collars are aimed at those who consider themselves the traditionalist of the tracking world, and like good wine these collars will develop with age.

There are 7 sizes available.

  • 30mm width size 25-30cm Price £35.00
  • 30mm width size 30-40cm Price £36.00
  • 30mm width size 40-45cm Price £37.00
  • 45mm width size 45 cm Price £41.00
  • 45mm width size 50 cm Price £41.00
  • 45mm width size 55 cm Price £41.00
  • 45mm width size 60 cm Price £41.00