Acme Alpha Dog Whistle

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Acme Alpha Dog Whistle

Acme Alpha Dog Whistle 

With over four years in the making, made in England, Acme has created a new unrivalled dog whistle. This whistle has been labelled 'Best In The World', is available in 10 different colours with new design patented sound chambers. In comparison to previous dog whistles, these chambers offer more efficient use of air, giving a better command to working dogs from all distances.

Training a dog to respond to a whistle can be a practical way to communicate with your pet. This Acme Alpha Dog Whistle command can be a useful tool for working dogs in situations where verbal commands may be difficult or ineffective due to distance. The effortless chambers are easy to blow, giving you flexibility with your command and choice of styles when training or recalling your working dog. It also features an all-over comfort, with a soft mouthpiece and grip. Perfect for use in all handling conditions and not easily dropped if wet. 

A keychain ring is attached to the base of the Acme Alpha Dog Whistle enabling you to attach this to a strap, lanyard, chain or keys depending on your desired attaching method.

210.5 and 211.5 Acme Alpha Dog Whistles

There are two pitched versions of the Acme Alpha Dog Whistles:

210.5 Acme Alpha Dog Whistle - Available in 10 colours. The pitch of the 210.5 is mainly preferred by Spaniel owners.

211.5 Acme Alpha Dog Whistle - The pitch of the 211.5 is a perfect pitch and favoured by Labrador and Retriever owners.

Muntjac Trading is honoured to be able to offer this whistle as one of the first UK distributors to all customers at our game fairs and online purchases. 

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