Winter Gun Dog Training

Winter Gun Dog Training

The winter season is upon us again. Although many of us will be put off going outside by the rain, wind, and snow. It is imperative for you, your dog, and all the gun dog training you have done this year that you don’t let standards slip! There are many things you can be doing this winter to continue all the progress you have made with your gun dog this year.


Now is the perfect time to go back to basics. Your gun dog may have just experienced an intense yet satisfying season, with all the excitement there is no harm in going over commands. The better your gun dog is at learning, understanding commands the better your gun dog will be out in the field. There is no such thing as too much learning! Whilst you have the time go back through SIT, STAY and COME commands ensuring your dog knows the level of obedience you expect.  Be sure to note if you are using treats as positive reinforcement to not overfeed your dog. Your normal routine in the spring and summer months may not be the same routine now, a slower less active routine can result in your dog gaining weight.


Exercise during the winter months is very important. Your gun dog gaining weight can have many negative impacts including laziness, tiredness, and joint strain. To prevent this happening there are couple of things you are able to do to keep yours and your dog’s fitness levels optimised.


One of the simplest most effective things you can do for your dog is to go out for a long walk with a purpose or for a run. Allowing your dog to run will not only keep up their fitness and overall health but will not give your dog the option to fall too far out of their usual gun dog training routine. A long walk with a purpose can be just as effective. Without taking your gun go out and let your dog practise flushing. Take your camera and get some good nature shots whilst giving your gun dog the run of the land. You can also use this time to practise those commands and allow your gun dog to navigate through new terrain and weather conditions.


Keep things fun, keep things active. Hide and Seek, and Fetch are great ways to keep your dog engaged and active. Through these games you can recap over all the commands that your dog has learnt previous.

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