Essential gundog training equipment for winter

Essential gundog training equipment for winter

Here at Muntjac we understand how important it is to not only have the right equipment but high-quality equipment. You can be assured when shopping with us you will get the highest-quality gundog equipment without having to break the bank!

 Keep training your dog

Although winter can be cold, wet, and dark we urge you to not fall out of your gun dog training routine! Routine training will allow you to get the best out of your gundog and will help strengthen the relationship you have between you and your dog. There are training exercises and practices you can focus on in the winter months that will help the overall progression of your gun dog training. It’s important to note your dog is never too old to follow the basic training methods you used as a puppy. The winter months are perfect to go back to the basics. Use this colder period to hammer home your commands, here stay sit go. Revisiting this will only benefit your dogs training further. Although the days are shorter the mornings and evenings are darker the exercise of retrieving is a great idea to do with your dog. Teaching your dog in these conditions will benefit their accuracy and ability during hunting season.

What equipment should you have

We have collated a short list of the must haves for this winter season to make your gundog training continue to go smoothly. Muntjac trading have all the gundog gear you could ever need! A classic British winter consists of a lot of rain, snow and strong gusts of wind and ice. All of these weather conditions can affect the hearing ability of your dog. We suggest a brightly coloured whistle. There is a higher chance your dog will hear and respond to a whistle over the rain and snow compared to your shout. Having a brightly coloured whistle will increase the chances of you finding it if you were to drop it in the mud or dead foliage. The next must have on our list is a dummy! A retrievable dummy is a great idea, here at Muntjac we have a wide variety of gun dog dummies. You can get them in all shapes sizes and colours! For the winter months we would advise you to get a brightly coloured gundog dummy to prevent your dog from losing it on the walk as it will be spotted easier. Having a quality waterproof game bag / dummy bag / treat bag will serve you well in these weather conditions. Keeping yours and your dog’s belongings dry and safe will make for a much easier walk/exercise. Finally, we would recommend a gundog training book. Although this not essential it will benefit you greatly! It’s no secret you will spend less time outside in winter compared to summer. Put that extra time at home to good use and read up on new and improved gundog training techniques.

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