Tracking leashes

What is a tracking leash?

Tracking leashes are also referred to as a training lead and tacking lines. A tracking leash is essentially a long leash made out of tubular mil-spec webbing and bio thane. They are designed to be durable and weather resistant. They are primarily used to train recall commands to dogs especially good for puppies in the beginning stages of puppy gun dog training but can also be used for bad adjustment behaviour, gun dog training, and for more control over a reactive dog. The tracking leash is perfect to iron out bad habits. You are able to give your dog enough freedom to play fetch and learn to retrieve but you have the ultimate control being able to stop your dog from chasing animals and jumping up runners and cyclists. They are an invaluable tool for all dog owners but specially gun dog training owners. For gundog training you will find the 10m long-line training lead most beneficial.

How do you use tracking leash?

For the health of your dog when using a tracking leash, you should always use a harness. This will prevent the lead from getting caught around your dog’s neck. For you to get the most out of your tracking leash and your dog you need to keep using the leash until you are barely touching it. This is when you will know your recall and gundog training is working. You want to be able to teach your dog the meaning of the tracking leash and ingrain the right pattern of behaviour ready for when they are off the leash.

Whilst training your gundog using the tracking leash you should try not to hold the tracking leash! The idea of the tracking leash it to let it trail on the ground falling behind the dog. This will give the dog the feeling of being of the lead, but you still have the ultimate control and can intervene when you see fit. If you are going through an area with other dogs or distractions such as game, you may want to hold the leash tighter to have more control. This will not ruin your dogs progress it will only keep you and your dog safe.

Here at Muntjac we have collated a few top tips when training your dog with a tracking leash:

One | Take treats with you! Whether that be dog treats, wet dog food, or pate whatever works best for your dog! If you call your dog back numerous times on walk and give them a treat, then release them they will know they get rewarded or praised for coming back.

Two | If you are finding that your dog is ignoring you pick up the tracking leash and make your dog aware you are in control. Limit the amount of space your dog can go whilst being on the lead the more she responds the more space you can give your dog.

Three | Don’t do it all in one go. Your dog is not going to understand being on the lead one day and not the next it takes time. Focus on one command at a time keep it consistent, reward your dog with praise favourite toy or treats.

Four | Don’t repeat your recall. Once the dog has ignored your call pick up the training lead and start again.

Muntjac Trading tracking leash

Here at Muntjac we have a range of different tracking leash perfect for your gundog training needs. You can choose between the tracking lines braided light weight or the mystique biothane round tracking lines and many more.

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