211.5 Acme Dog Whistle

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211.5 Acme Dog Whistle

Along with your lead, a dog whistle is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will buy, the great advantage of a dog whistle is that the tone sounds the same even if you are boiling mad with the fact that Fido has totally disregarded your commands.

There is a range of Dog Whistles within the popular Acme range, always make sure that you stick with the same number whistle throughout your dog’s lifetime.

The 211.5 acme dog whistle is easy to blow, with a solid high-pitched sound.

We have always offered the complete variety of 211.5 Acme whistle colours, including black, orange, yellow, brown, lime green, khaki/olive green, baby blue, lilac, fuchsia, beige, purple, and honeysuckle all the Blue variations of Snorkel and Baltic Blue and the pink variations including day glo and hot pink