Acme Dog Whistle Range

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Acme Dog Whistle Range

Choosing the Correct Dog Whistle

Choosing the perfect dog whistle when training a working dog can be highly important to allow smooth training to commence. Each dog and breed are different, and each will respond to certain noises and pitches differently. 

There are many whistles for sale at Muntjac Trading each having their own benefits and unique traits depending on your needs.

210.5 Acme Dog Whistle

The 210.5 Acme Dog Whistle is an easy-to-blow whistle with a high-pitch sound frequency of 6200Hz. Which is effective for up to 90M. The whistle blows at the highest pitch of all the whistles available on the market and is more than often preferred by Spaniel owners due to their closeness of work with their trainers.

211.5 Acme Dog Whistle

The 211.5 Acme Dog Whistle is more than likely favoured by Retriever owners due to the fact that Retrievers like to run, in large open spaces, especially as youngsters.  The sound of the 211.5 reaches the furthest of all acme dog whistles at 1.5km with a pitch of 5700Hz.

212 Acme Dog Whistle

The 212 Acme Dog Whistle also known as the ‘Field Trial Whistle’ is the lowest pitch of the three at 5200Hz. The low pitch enables the sound to cut through thick ground cover, perfect for pointers dogs that spend their days with their head on the ground sifting through the undergrowth in search of rabbits and hares.

All three whistles, 212, 211.5 and 210.5 will sound at the same tone regardless of the strength of the blow. The same pitch will be presented, giving a straightforward command to your working dog for reliable training.

Acme Silent Dog Whistle

Muntjac Trading also stock the Acme Silent Dog Whistle. Although silent by name, this whistle is not necessarily silent in sound. This is a multi-pitched whistle and is fully adjustable for all breeds of working dogs. Enabling you to find the pitch which works better and is most effective for your dog. The silent whistle radius varies depending on the blow therefore practice with this whistle Is required before use.

Shepherds Whistle

For highly advanced trainers and working dogs, Shepherds' Lip Whistles are used for all breeds of dogs giving a diverse range of sound which can be used for additional training for complex commands. The lip position determines the pitch and practice is necessary to use it effectively. Once accustomed to the Shepherds Lip Whistle, it can be used for multiple complex commands with multiple tones with one whistle.

Whether you’re searching for a loud whistle, a whistle that reaches a long distance or an all-rounder, Muntjac Trading has the perfect choice for you. For more information on any of our whistles CONTACT Muntjac Trading Today