Mystique Dog Training Skirt

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Mystique Dog Training Skirt

Dog training skirts are becoming increasingly popular due to their increased flexibility of having everything in one place whilst training your gundog. The hallmark feature of these dog training skirts is their ability to accommodate various items within a compact design, streamlining the training experience for both the trainer and the gundog. A standout characteristic of these skirts is the capacity to house up to six training dummies within the larger pocket, enabling trainers to readily access them during training sessions. Additionally, a smaller front pocket has been ingeniously incorporated into the design, offering dedicated space for balls and other smaller training aids.

For those who prefer to have their personal belongings within arm's reach, a zip pocket is accessible within the design. This zip compartment caters to the secure storage of personal items, ensuring that trainers can focus entirely on the training session at hand without worrying about the safety of their valuables. Moreover, the utility-driven design doesn't stop there; an extra pocket has been thoughtfully integrated into the skirt's layout to accommodate a water bottle, catering to the hydration needs of both the trainer and the gundog.

These training skirts have been ingeniously crafted to provide a comprehensive solution for carrying all essential training tools in one accessible and organised place.

Muntjac Trading Dog Training Skirt

Muntjac Trading are now taking orders for all Mystique dog training skirts. They are available in 3 colours - khaki polyester, brown polyester, and brown waxed cotton. It is important to note that the brown waxed cotton variant demands additional care during cleaning to maintain its longevity and appeal. Please view the product description for more information.

Comfort has been one of the top priorities in the development of these training skirts. Each skirt comes equipped with an adjustable belt mechanism, ensuring a comfortable fit for trainers of all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, the integration of four D Rings on the skirt provides a versatile solution for attaching a range of accessories and aids, enhancing the practicality and adaptability of the product.

The new Mystique dog training skirts present an ingenious solution for the storage and accessibility needs of Gundog trainers. Whether you’re a professional Gundog trainer or an avid enthusiast, these training skirts offer a newfound level of convenience, making every training session a seamless and productive experience.

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