Dokken Small Bird Dummies

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Dokken Small Bird Dummies

The Dokken Small Bird Training Dummies were developed to teach dogs how to carry game birds. The hard free-swinging head prevents dogs from shaking the bird by delivering a sharp wrap to the snout of the dog.  Dummies include the Mini Mallard, the Widgeon Dummy, the Hungarian Partridge (English), the Chukar Partridge (French), the Blue Wing Teal and the Green Wing Teal.

These smaller dokken dummies are ideal for young dogs and spaniel breeds as they are not large enough to discourage them and the hanging head reflects that of a real bird so they can get used to the swinging head. It is a good starting point before moving on to the full size Dokken Large Bird Dummies.

These dummy colours simulate what a real falling partridge looks like to the dog. 

All our Dokken partridge dummies come with a FREE toggle so that you can throw the dummy more easily.