Gundog Training Products

Are you looking to train your Gundog but don’t know which products to use?  

With many items on the market, it may become a little daunting where to start. Our advice here at Muntjac Trading is to keep it simple. Gundog training requires persistence, repetitive and gundog training products that your canine can associate with and recognise. Our collection of gundog equipment features everything you need to enhance your training sessions and unleash your dog's full potential in the field. 

Our team are passionate about helping gundog enthusiasts achieve success in training, which is why all products sold at Muntjac Trading have been used or tested by ourselves, guaranteeing ease of use and a favourable outcome. 

Muntjac Trading - Gundog Training Product Categories

With Gundog training products updated regularly, Muntjac Trading ensures there's something for everyone. We don’t specialise in one breed of gundog and understand that not one size fits all, which is why the products available are of a varied range.  Training equipment is available for collection or delivery, we also often attend Game Fairs if you would like to view any item before purchase. 

These are essential for effective communication with your gundog during training sessions, and can be purchased in a range of pitches depending on the breed of your Gundog and their response method

210.5 Acme Dog Whistle

Perfect for teaching retrieving skills and improving marking abilities. These can be purchased as a game replica to practice before the real hunt. 

A perfect product to keep your hands free whilst training, storing all of your essentials in one place for ease of retrieval.  

Keep your Gundog safe and under control during outdoor activities.

 Training Scents:

A Gundog training product available in wax or liquid form, aiding your gundog to recognise multiple game scents in preparation for the hunt.  
Pete Rickard's Dog Trainer Scent - Rabbit
Learn from the experts with our comprehensive guides and instructional videos.
Training The Working Spaniel book

Muntjac Trading also stocks Puppy Training Packs and Working Training Packs, which supply essential Gundog training products required to get started. All Gundog training products have undergone testing to ensure they are safe and effective to use. We wouldn't sell anything we aren’t happy to use ourselves.